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Cloud Services

We offer a range of robust services to help move your business to the cloud. Escape the costs and headaches of maintaining physical infrastructure and open new possibilities for productivity.

Smart Cloud Control Basic | Remote Access for Easy Support

SCC Basic allows us unattended access to your devices for support any time you need it, without the need to establish a new connection or download software each time. The basic plan also allows you to have remote access to your PCs, so you and your employees can work remotely and access work PCs from anywhere.

Smart Cloud Control Premium | Powerful Remote Monitoring and Management

The premium plan includes all the features of Cloud Control Basic PLUS we can ensure your PCs are up-to-date, get notified of potential issues before they become problems, and fix many common concerns remotely, before they slow you down.

Avast! Managed Antivirus | Tested, Proven, Managed Web Protection

Trust the expertise of Avast! Business Antivirus and web protection to help keep your PCs and servers protected from viruses, malware, and spyware. This service is cloud managed and notifies us instantly of any concerns that arise.

Avast! Secure Web Gateway | Complete Cloud DNS Protection

Improve productivity from your users, help block threats before they arrive, and have the ability for safe and efficient BYOD deployments.

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